Sony Pictures Extends Free Identity Protection to Former Employees

It certainly seemed like a long time coming if you were spending the last week fretting about the impact of your identity being strewn across the internet, but if you are a former Sony Pictures employee and a victim of the recent leak, Sony Pictures has finally extended temporary identity protection to you.

It seems, however, that many former employees have not yet been contacted by Sony. For those of you struggling to find the information, here is their e-mail:

AllClear ID Coverage Expanded to Former Employees

As you know, SPE made arrangements with a third-party service provider, AllClear ID, to offer all employees 12 months of identity protection services at no charge.  The company has expanded the coverage to now include all potentially affected former employees and their dependents. Dependents include: spouses, domestic partners, and/or children.

Former employees can email: to begin the AllClear enrollment process.

Frankly, 12 months seems like the least they could offer given that unprotected documents and spreadsheets full of Social Security Numbers and contact information are now permanently floating around all over the internet.

Personally, I think Sony should really just do the right thing and make this free for life for all current and former employees, but at least there is something you can do immediately. Hopefully this is not too little too late for anyone.


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