New Year, New Ideas To Share…

Hello again everyone, I hope you had a great holiday and are as ready as I am to dive into a New Year of exploring radical solutions to reform our industry into one that actually exists for the benefit artists and innovators, and not just to benefit from them.

I’ve got a round of new posts in the works to publish over the next few weeks. We’ll break down some of the most significant, intrinsic and neglected issues at the heart of our industry, examine some of the reasons why we haven’t thought to change them, and most importantly share some of the ideas many of us have come to feel could provide the most stable, long-term solutions for an industry where we are the recipients of our own success, and not merely a tool for others to achieve it.

While these ideas need not be exclusive to Visual Effects and Feature Animation, I do believe that our industry is uniquely predisposed to benefit from the somewhat radical and out-of-the-box ideas we’ll explore.

In the mean-time I thought I’d share an article (which I recently re-tweeted) that covers a few innovative, young companies that are helping beat the path and lay the groundwork for democratic enterprises that exist to benefit the workers and not merely the executives and shareholders: 16 Worker Coops Redefining the Cooperative Movement

Stay tuned, we’re just getting warmed up!


One thought on “New Year, New Ideas To Share…

  1. It’s high time for VFX workers of all stripes to call the shots and reap the benefits that their creativity and ingenuity produces. This will not happen with the way our enterprises are structured today. Sorry it won’t! Only by moving to cooperative worker-owned enterprises will this industry really come to support the needs and desires of VFX professionals. The more of us that internalize this fact the better, so spread the word…

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